La Cabilda Recreational Area

It is a very unique space and very present in the life of Hoyo de Manzanares.

In this case, we will put aside its historical value and its consideration as a Mount of Public Utility and we will see it as the Recreational Area that it is. A space of almost 20 hectares that has two convenient accesses, one from the M618 road that connects Hoyo de Manzanares and Colmenar Viejo and the other, from the urban area, behind the Francisco Ayala Secondary Education Institute. In both cases we have a car park where we can leave the car and enter this space avoiding the access barriers placed to prevent road traffic.

Another option is to park your car in the town center and take a walk through the entrance of the Institute. The route from the Plaza Mayor to the entrance of La Cabilda through this point will take us just 10 minutes.

Here we have outdoor tables and benches, swings for children and two fountains. We do not have bathrooms.

But instead we do have the perfect space for children to run and play. In fact, it is a space in high demand by schools in the Community of Madrid to bring students on excursions during the week.

If you plan to come on an organized excursion, remember that in these cases it is necessary to ask the Environment department for permission.

The landscape, sheltered by the Sierra de Hoyo, with its holm oaks, junipers, ash trees and cork oaks will enchant you. Among the vegetation we find granite formations that are also characteristic of our landscape and the paths that surround it are very suitable for young children, a great way to get in touch with Nature without doing a hiking route as such.

A few meters from the main road that connects both entrances, is the Archaeological Site of La Cabilda, which we can visit on a self-guided basis any day and at any time, taking care only to leave the doors closed when leaving.

In the past there were barbecues but nowadays it is forbidden to make fires. We recommend ordering food in town, arriving early, and enjoying a full day outdoors.

It is important to carry garbage bags and deposit them in the outer containers to leave everything the same or better than you found it.

Cómo llegar al Área Recreativa de La Cabilda.