Ecological and Artisan Market

The second Sundays of each month, the ecological and artisan market awaits you in the Plaza Mayor, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (except the months of July and August, which is suspended due to the heat and the month of September, which is it usually delays to the third Sunday of the month so that it does not coincide with the Patron Saint’s Holidays)

The town squares adorned with fruit and vegetable stalls, honeys, oils or cheeses, where you can find crafts in leather, wood, silver or wicker, are not a thing of the past, on the contrary, they are a picture that, every time more, it should be part of our future.

If what we want is a sustainable future, which reconnects us with the earth, in which we ensure the control of emissions or the reduction of chemicals, perhaps we could start to have local commerce, to put food ecological products in our shopping cart and to make a responsible consumption away from mass production and chain production.

At Hoyo de Manzanares we try not to lose sight of the future and sustainability, that is why we have maintained our organic and artisan market since 2005.