Hiking trails

The time of year we are in does not matter if you like to wear field boots more than ordinary shoes. The Hoyo de Manzanares hiking trails can be done at any time of the year. In each season the landscape, flora and fauna are different and therefore each one of them has its attractions when it comes to setting off on the paths of Hoyo. We have four hiking trails, all of them signposted: the Circular Route, the Cruz del Pan Route, the Carboneros Route and the Wetlands Route. Each of them has a color, a duration and a difficulty. Each one of them, a different charm.

If you want to know more about our environment, sign up for the interpreted hiking marches that we carry out every month.

Our local guides know these paths better than anyone, but not only the paths, but also the species of flora and fauna, the remains of quarries, the remains of other times, the anecdotes of each corner or the peculiarities of each landscape.

If you are thinking of doing them on your own, you may be interested in our cartographic guide and the map that accompanies it.

Surely you have also heard about our nature guides: birds, plants, vertebrates and mushrooms. Going out on the field with them will help you name almost everything you see.